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God is not a Grandpa

I can not wait to be a grandma!  I have a little ways to go considering my oldest is only 5 years old, haha.  But I think the dream for it comes right about now.  As a mother, you get to see the way your parents enjoy your children without abandon.  They aren’t worried about raising them (and well they shouldn’t be), they just get to enjoy them!  I can’t wait for that.  I wish I could be grandma to my kids.  I really like them.  I would enjoy them more if I weren’t so worried all the time if they got enough veggies, or if I were ruining them by not enforcing manners, or giving too much screen time…blah blah blah…the list goes on!

My kids have some awesome grandparents!  The boys left this past Saturday and spend 4 sleepovers at my husband’s parent’s home.  What a treat for them!  On Monday, while everyone was away, and my little girl was in school, I checked the mail to find a package for me from my mom!  How sweet!  I got inside and opened it to find a card and four. large. gourmet. fudge. brownies.  My first thought was, “this is very dangerous.”  I was to be home all alone for  the next six hours with this amazingly delicious package, and exhibit self-control?!  I did, mind you!  Only one was eaten before getting my daughter from school.  (The others were hidden from anyone’s sight…don’t ask, don’t tell.)


The next thought that came to my head was a scripture “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights…” James 1:17.  Before you go bonkers, yes, I immediately knew that my context was wrong.  But let me tell you, these brownies are good…and perfect!  I got to thinking about the various definitions of good, like these brownies are gooood.  But broccoli, a different kind of good.  I thought how God’s gifts are often like broccoli.  They may not always be what we want to eat at the time, but they are good for us.  I’m sorry if comparing following God to eating your veggies is atrocious in your mind.  It’s honest in mine.  I don’t always want to obey Him, but I always know it’s what’s best for me.

I’ve heard an old saying many times, God has no grandchildren, only sons and daughters.  And it’s so true.  He is not in heaven looking down giving us winks and treats under the table.  He’s a good Father, disciplining the children He loves (Heb. 12).  If I long to stop disciplining my children, and just enjoy them, how much more do you think God desires that with us!  But He is a good God.  His patience and love are everlasting.  And like us, He has something to look forward to: Eternity – enjoying us!

Me, I have grandparenting to look forward to!  I’ve learned, from my mom just this week, that there will come a time when I will be able to spoil not just my grandchildren, but my adult children as well!  Thank you mom!  You never cease teaching me!  I love you.

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  1. Mom

    I love you babe. I think we have come to a time in our lives that we learn from each other. And I consider that a blessing from God. Enjoy the brownies!


  2. Lindi

    I want some brownies now. I actually want to read my bible and eat brownies at the same time!!


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