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Beware, in this post I may expose the total nerd I am.

So, through all this thinking about progress, I think I have determined my life’s mission statement.  Haha.  True story.  I know, I know, only organizations and corporations have mission statements right!  My husband already makes fun of me saying that I really should have been a CIO the way I’m always wanting to have a goal and measure progress.  Well, now you can join him if you’d like.  I would like to equally like to blame my work for this thought process.  We have been reevaluating our mission statement as a Christian non-profit.  The process has gotten me into this frame of mind.

As I think about progress, it makes me want to answer the question of what am I progressing towards?  What is the goal for my life?  So, here it is, as I understand it now:

My life’s mission is to live in and through the Holy Spirit, making and growing disciples of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God the Father.

It’s pretty generic really.  Any Christian could adopt this as their life mission.  But it gives me something to hang my hat on.  When I have to make decisions about how to spend my time or my money or my energy, I can look to this mission statement and ask myself, which decision would honor my life’s purpose?  This blog is no exception.  I hope that this blog will not turn into a bunch of ranting and rambling of my own.  I hope that it is a place (in the world wide web) where the Holy Spirit is able to use to use these black and white words to make and grow disciples of Jesus, for the glory of God the Father.

You may have noticed the Trinitarian nature of this statement.  That is very intentional!  My favorite book from my degreeless seminary days was hands down, Ministry in the Image of God by Steve Seamands.  It details the practical implications of the theology of the trinity.  I’m sure many of you just stopped believing me at that last sentence.  But YES, the trinity is a theology that has practical implications for the way we live our lives!  It’s not just a crazy way to explain something we aren’t sure we understand about God.  Please read this book!  Even if you are not in ministry in a formal way, read it.  How many of you reading this meet needs?  How about filling sippy cups?  Or wiping bottoms?  Or cooking dinner?  You are a minister!  Read it!!

So, back to the mission statement.  As I have learned, no mission statement is complete without a set of measurable outcomes.  For me, this would include the fruits of the Spirit being produced in my life, as well as discipleship happening inside and outside my home.  Still haven’t figured out how to measure glory.  If you have any thoughts, I’d be happy to hear them!

Well, now it’s your turn!  Get nerdy!  Write a mission statement for your life.  Leave it in the comments on this blog.  I’d love to read them.  We are in this together people!  Let’s live intentionally, not just good intentioned.

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  1. Debra

    Not nerdy! I have heard of many people who sit down as a family and create a family mission statement. I love it! And I will put that book on my reading list!


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