Sarah Parham

Scriptural Insight for the Weekend

WARNING:  This post may be for women only!!

So in the old testament there is a law that anyone who touches a woman who is menstruating is unclean for the rest of the day. Sounds pretty harsh, right. Menstruation is gross, but still, for someone to be religiously unclean and cut off from the community just for touching my shoulder?  Really??

My thoughts today are much different. I think God knew what he was doing (imagine that!)  I think God was putting a system in place to PROTECT women from society, and to protect society FROM women during this troublesome time.  (I might cut off someone’s hand if they pat my shoulder sometimes!  Much better that God threatens them with a good warning.)   We serve a very good and very kind God!  Unfortunately, modern feminism has made the standard such that our monthly cycle should ‘not interrupt our daily life’.  Women, we had one excuse to escape, and we’ve surrendered it!  These women had the religious right to sit in a dark room and not talk to anyone!!!!  How blessed that sounds right now.  But alas, I was not born into that generation, so God gave me the best gift He possibly could have for this generation…my husband!  Bert allowed me to go back to bed at 10 am this morning while he took our daughter grocery shopping and our son slept.  (And thank you Jesus, he slept for 2 hours!!)  Thank you kind Father for all the incredible gifts you give us!  Help us to see all you give us not as restrictions, but the freedoms they are!  I love you!

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