Sarah Parham

full of emotion

Tonight my heart is full with emotion.  My two youngest, my baby boys, have been at Grandma and Papa J’s house since Saturday.  They come home tomorrow!  I miss them like crazy!  For the past four days I have enjoyed a very peaceful time with my 5 year old little girl.  The house has been quiet.  And it has stayed relatively clean for four days in a row!!  It has been a break I desperately needed.  The TV hasn’t been on, no one has cried (until now…), no diapers to change.  It’s been so relaxing.  I really haven’t felt overwhelmed once.  Overwhelmed is the description I would use for most of the other days of my life.  With three kids ages 5, [nearly] 3, and 1, just getting dinner on the table can be overwhelming.

Right now, however, I can’t wait for my little busy bodies to get back in here.  I miss them.  But at the same time, I’m anxious about loosing this peace of the past few days.  I’m longing for a world where I can have both.  I’m afraid that world doesn’t exist.  If I were given the choice, I would take my boys, noise, mess and all!  The quiet would get old eventually anyways right!?

“Where there are no oxen [children], the manger [house] is clean.”
Proverbs 14:4

Bring on the noise!  Bring on the mess!  I miss my boys!

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